Inspiration came at the tall corporate office buildings of NYC while managing a demanding career, active social life, and responsibilities of a family. I was ready for some relief and help. I remember sitting at my desk, browsing the retailers’ websites and thinking “I wish someone could go to store X and buy the shoes and the clutch. Then, go to store Y, buy the dress in my size and deliver to my house TODAY. VOILA!” But, such thing simply did not exist!

I had to do all of that work myself regardless of how desperate I was for free time. I would love to enjoy a delicious meal with a friend, get some work done, spend quality time with my family, break some sweat at the gym, enjoy the spa, or simply just have ME time instead of spending hours on shopping. 

Fast forward a few years, I started thinking; why were my options limited to “order online and wait for days” or “spend hours at the stores”?

Well, I decided to put an end to that and start a new era for the way I, you, and all of us shop.

I shared my story and vision with a few smart people. They found it inspiring and came on board to bring this amazing service to life and fund it. After all the long hours of hard work, I’m thrilled and proud to introduce Fashion Delivery. You will love the Fashion Delivery experience and the way it frees your calendar. 

Now you know our true story. Hope you find it inspiring. Looking forward to the opportunity to serve you!


Founder & CEO