Same day delivery window has been closed for TODAY. All orders placed at this time will be delivered the next business day.

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How it Works: Fashion Delivery Basics

What is Fashion Delivery?

Fashion Delivery is your very own personalized shopping service with same day delivery. We free your calendar by taking over the burden of shopping and offering same day delivery. Just let us know what the item is and we will scour the area for exactly what you are looking for. Just a few short hours later, the package will arrive at your doorstep!
How do I become a member?
Fashion Delivery membership is free. You can sign up here.
How do I order from Fashion Delivery?
- Browse up to 3 items at your Favorite Retailers; window shop on their websites
- Send us the Item Link (URL)
- Finalize your order through the Finalize Order email you will receive from us
- Then, receive TODAY!

Who are the Favorite Retailers?

They are the high-end retailers our customers love! Please see our Place an Order page for a list of Favorite Retailers.
If you would like to place an order from a retailer that is not listed on our site, please email us at info@fashiondelivery.NET

What is an Item link (URL)?

Item link/URL is the web address of the item you choose to order. It is located at the top of your screen in the address bar. It starts with "www..."

How can I send the item link (URL) to Fashion Delivery?

By filling out the Order Form on our Place an Order page

What time should I order to receive the SAME DAY?

Order by 4pm to receive by 8pm the same day

Can you deliver a GIFT the same day?

- Tell us your order is a gift in the Comments section
- Use the name and address of the gift recipient for the Delivery Address section

What are the delivery/service areas?

Currently serving Bergen County, NJ.
Coming soon to NYC, Miami, Los Angeles and San Francisco!!!
We are committed to expanding our service areas rapidly. If we are not in your neighborhood yet, please email us at

Can I exchange or return the order?

Absolutely! Feel free to exchange your items with the gift receipt we provide.
Regrettably, we do not honor returns at this time.

Placing an Order

What time can I order to receive my order the same day?

Place your order by 4pm for same day delivery

What time will my order arrive?

Your order will arrive by 8pm

How do I know my order will arrive the SAME DAY?

SAME DAY delivery function is the foundation of Fashion Delivery. We are committed to providing SAME DAY delivery to FREE your calendar and make your life EASIER.
All orders must be placed by 4pm EST to be received the SAME DAY!

How is the item price determined?

Item price reflects the in-store price + tax paid at store.

Why do in-store prices apply to all orders?

In order to allow same day delivery, all orders must be filled via stores. Therefore, store prices become applicable to all orders.

How do you determine the Fashion Delivery fee taxes?

Fashion delivery fee taxes are determined based on the local tax regulations at the delivery address

What happens to orders placed after 4pm EST?

Orders received after 4pm EST will be delivered the next business day

How do I pay for my order?

Your credit card will be charged once you approve your order through Order Approval Request email

Why can’t I order “Online Only” items through Fashion Delivery?

“Online Only” items require lead time to be accessed. Therefore, these items are not available for SAME DAY delivery.

Can I make a change to my order?

You can remove unwanted items during Finalize Order process. Regrettably,we do not have the administrative capability to add items or change the delivery address once an order is placed. We recommend that you cancel your current order and place a new one prior to 4pm.

How do I cancel an order?

You can cancel an order by simply avoiding Finalize Order email.

Same Day Delivery

What are the service areas?

Currently serving Bergen County, NJ. Coming soon to NYC and many more.

Do you deliver to P.O. boxes?

No. Please enter a valid residence, company or hotel address for a successful delivery.

Does the delivery require signature?

No. Signature is not required.

How about Holiday and Sunday deliveries?

Fashion Delivery services will be available on Holidays and Sundays during the Holiday Season (November through December). Sunday orders will be delivered the following business day during off season (January through October).

Can you deliver to a hotel or another address besides my home?
Sure! If you are shipping to a hotel, include following to the Delivery Address;
- Hotel name in the company field
- Reservation guest as the recipient
- Please make sure the hotel concierge is expecting the delivery

Same day delivery window has been closed for TODAY. All orders placed at this time will be delivered the next business day.